Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today is enlistment day for dear, both of us didnt sleep last night. Flipping here & there end up waking up at 5plus in the morning preparing for dear's enlistment. Photocopied bby's appointment booklet & then bathed everything & off to meet xiaoboy for breakfast. Brought toasted bread & soya bean otw to bus stop, took 145 to redhill then mrt to dover & wait for mama to reach. Mama reached, waited for the shuttle bus to Maju Camp then everything settled. Walk ard the camp to see their environment etc ~ Ard 10plus going 11am went up to hall to see video & others. After hall went to cook house for lunch with dear, mama & xiaoboy, Im gonna miss my Fat pig ! 2 weeks cant see him only can msg with him hear his voice, my dear is gonna be a man ! :D

Like what army video say, Every Singaporean Boy Will Become A Man After Army :D 
After lunch deardear march back with his platoon & i say byebye to him without crying ! Woooohoooo! 
Im proud of myself ! Gonna wait for my dearest to call me at night, hopefully i will be able to talk to him without felling a sleep <(^.^)> Hehehe, kinda of miss him already. But this is the life he gonna go thru, im sure my dear can do it :D & me as his wife im gonna do my part to, not gonna make him worry for me & lil precious ! ♥ 

With Luvs, ♥ Miiko
@ 1:43 PM

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Title: Blogger changed -.-

How great, just wanna do a small post end up finding out how to use the new blogger ! So freaking hard to use ! & Im like a lost -.- The new blogger is kinda off hard to use, having MPP with dear now. Marriage program, kinda of interesting ya . But to dear it seems boring because of words , got to know that strength & weakness between us. Knowing our likes, dislikes & many others. But still is fun to have dear around but soon he going in army to become a real man, im gonna miss him so badly !

This time round im gonna stay strong for bby & dear, im not gonna let dear worry much for me when he is inside camp. Hopefully i can be strong enough to do all that its gonna to be a hard & tough time for me alone taking care of bby. Bby is getting bigger & bigger each day, soon bby is coming into this world to face everyone. Alright, tired already. Gonna go & rest soon, waiting for dear to reach hme & i think he just did (: & he is so angry with me ): Because i didnt reply his text & make him worry for me . "Sorry Dear ): "
Okay, got to go le. Byeeee ~

With Luvs, ♥ Miiko
@ 11:08 PM

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Title: Life sucks so badly ~

Back to post , this is my 340 post already. So long didnt post, life isnt going so well anyway. Sucks ttm ! Sigh, working at raffles city city chain. If you passby city chain & come buy watch from me ok ! I will love you many many ! Okay , boring now ! No 1 wanna meet me bring me out :( Wondering who will bring me out later, sigh ! Boyf ? He good life going out t drink & bloody hell im working mornig 10 am tml -.- !

This kind of life is always like tat , so shyt ! He can go out enjoy his life & i got t work -.- !
You know how shyt it feels like ? TOTALLY WTF LIKE TAT ! Suan le , idw talk anymore ! -.-
Okay bye !

With Luvs, ♥ Miiko
@ 5:55 PM

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Title: Fairytale

Hey people, im back in blogging. Just suddenly feel like posting so much right now, there is so much things i wanna post. Firstly, Sixth Month Anniversary is coming next monday ! Im so happy that me & precious can last so long, although we quarrel, we fight but everything that we have gone thru is a test to us. We have gone thru ups & downs together, all these stuff just made us understand each other more. Further more, all those quarrels & small conflicts keeps our relationship strong. Yes i might be stubborn, attitude sucks, hot temper but im willing to change for you my precious. I wanna last with you, i really do. I hope you will be my last till the very end. No matter how much you hurt me in the past fate brought us back together, give each other another chance to be back together. Im not prefect to you & im willing to change & be the prefect one in your heart, your prefect wife in future. No matter what is going to happen in the future, Im here to face it with you. I wont let you push me away anymore, im no longer the stupid lil girl you used to know last time. This time round im very sure that you, L.JunKang is gonna be my last ! Yes, i might be a flirt last time. Texting other guys sweet talk with them when im attached. But this time i change i know if i continue to do that i will be losing you like how i did in the past. I want you to be my last, i don't wanna lose you anymore. You are like a part of me now, losing you is just like a body without any soul. Now you know who much you meant to me already ? (: So fast Sixth Month is coming ! Im so excited but you might be working on that day & we might cant celebrate but i understand . We can celebrate it when you got your off days, till now im still thinking of what should i do for you on our Sixth Month. Something meaningful but not exp, i know you don't like i spend too much money. Okay that will be a secret for you ok ? :D

Okay, now is another part of what my mind is thinking just now. Passby friends facebook & i saw those pretty wedding photos. I got envy and thinking why every girl looks much prettier then normal photos they took. And this came into my mind, wedding photo we only can take once in our life time. Unless you married again & you take more then once. But usually once people get married to the person they love, so hardly they will be divorce. Unless you said after you 2 get married have kids already & both of you feel like drifted or whatever. But for me, my heart i already know who i wanna get married to. & that person will be the 1 that will accompany me till im old. Right ? Okay back to topic, when i see those wedding photos i can feel that those girls in the photo look so bliss. Their smile & everything show it all, i really hope i can be like them. Wearing wedding gown & take those sweet photos together with my love. Recently some friends went to some scenes where couple took their wedding photos in singapore, a tall tree in between 2 bench. Is located at Upper Seletar Reservoir. To me, wedding photos are important. As is show us that if we are without love all these getting married, being together, having a home, creating a family won't come in to our life. Further more, wedding photos are those photos that reminds us how we used to be together how we walk thru all those ups & downs to be together with each other. So people, cherish the one you are having now. You might not know when are they gonna leave you, so cherish them (:
Okay shall stop here ~ Remember to tag me ya !

This is the Tree i said which is located at Upper Seletar Reservoir (:

With Luvs, ♥ Miiko
@ 12:29 AM

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Title: W H A T A B O R I N G D A Y !

Hey people, it have been long since i have blog. & Its seems to be so dead ! Like seriously dead ttm ~ Been working so damn busy for my internship with kaydence & alex. Sigh, left another 2months & im done with my internship fast isn't it ? Cant wait to leave Palio soon ~ Been working like mad dogs with alex & denise in palio for the past few days. Hopefully we can get back to our normal soon within next week. Heard that because of things changes in Palio, everyone is asking for transfer to west zone or even other outlets to work. Hope those people wont transfer so fast, at least let me interns finish our internship then you transfer if not we will die together as one already. Things wasn't so good for the past few days & im having the freaking fever now ! & im going to work at 7am later on ~ This is my life, everyday work, home, sleep, work ~ Like a cycle forever never change ~ At least i did have a chance to meet up my dearest honey, T.WeiXin I miss her so badly this few days too. Hope i can meet up with her very very soon . Okay , thats all for today. Hopefully tml i will get a chance to post again ~

With Luvs, ♥ Miiko
@ 12:48 AM

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